• Foreign media to control carbon emissions

    Foreign media to control carbon emissions in China work from cold water (topour/throwcoldwater or toputadamperon) transferred to a doubtful (skeptical) objectively, this paper is to respond to our country

    can suit the remedy to the case: the country to 2030 carbon emissions caps, and emissions will be reduced gradually.

    First, the main means of reducing carbon. The government may declare a blanket ban, but it is too strong to cause the economy to collapse, and it may upset the public. As an environmental experts said: It

    'simportanttorealizeyoucan tdothatovernight. (you must know, that is [objective] will not happen overnight.)

    High taxes put an end to pollution.

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    As a prohibitive in sign (banned tax/fee, prohibitivetax/levy) - to impose high tax to put an end to pollution behavior. It would eliminate low-value-added, low-return, high-yielding industries, while

    warning the more powerful industries that their profits would be further eroded if they did not cut emissions.

    In addition to providing a transitional period, tax revenues are more expensive. But the tax is a double-edgedsword, which could be passed on to the end consumer if it is not enough. The state's financial

    "cabinet" has the primary responsibility to flush the Treasury, which is an incentive, and the tax rate may be adjusted to affordablelevel.

    In fact, the country now rely on the other two magic weapon, first is led by the central, to put their money ? fund and technology research to find its way out of the new energy, qiaofu has straw; Here is

    another locomotive.

    Pollution quota trading platform has a look.

    On December 19, 2017, the state issued the pollution quota trading platform (capandtrade/emissionstradingscheme) to reduce emissions, although the preliminary framework, to regulate the heaviest pollution

    of power plants, then extend to the overall direction of the economy, western countries have said very encouraging.

    Our nation is blessed to change the situation (gamechanger), reduced global leaders demeanor (ThisshowsgloballeadershiponthepartoftheChinesegovernment), and even can help to early global warming the goal

    of no more than 2 degrees Celsius, many people expect countries can provide more information of power plant is more transparent.

    From getting correct license, management of pharmaceutical warehousing Asia to refrigeration and digital monitoring details.

    Power plants that have improved their efficiency will be able to sell the remaining quotas. This is the policy after more than 10 years of planning. It is reported that the national emission reduction work

    will be introduced in the next two years.

    When the system of comprehensive traffic (fullyoperational), the expansion to the eight areas: electricity, steel, non-ferrous metal (aluminum), chemical, oil, chemicals, paper, building materials and

    civil aviation, power, ironandsteel, non - ferrousmetalssuchasaluminium, chemicals, petro chemicals, paper, buildingmaterials, andcivilaviation).

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    However, the trading system has been in a dilemma (an emissionstradingsystemshavebeenbedevilledwithdifficulty), the European Union has launched the approximate reduction system, early in 2008 before the

    financial crisis, failed because of the quota price is too cheap. This may be a benign doubt. Mr. Lin jianghan accountant.

    The newspaper is on Friday.

    The original address: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2018/01/19/ED1801190022.htm

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