• How Does Stress Affect Beauty?

    Stress is often blamed for beauty issues, for anything from going gray to getting wrinkly. Since not all of us are good at dealing with stuff under pressure, we're looking at Total Beauty's myth-busting (and validating) to keep us in-the-know. Is that high-pressured job making you ugly?


    We found out that there's more to stress and beauty-related problems than we might expect... in fact, a lot of the rumors about what happens to your skin and hair are half true how to set up a limited company in hong kong.


    Take, for instance, vitamin B deficiencies, which can occur when your body is operating under high stress. With depleted B vitamins in your body, you're more likely to suffer from accelerated graying and hair loss. You can fight this by taking a Super B Complex vitamin and adding more leafy greens to your diet. It doesn't hurt, says Total Beauty.


    Dr. Murad, of Murad acne products, said that there are two kinds of stress, and that they can both mess up our skin. The environmental stress from our buzzing Blackberries and laptops keeps us feeling tense all day, and then the "real stress" of family illness, bankruptcy, and death can provide a double whammy Travel Tour to Hong Kong Macau.


    "What works to calm you? Reading? Join a book club. Tight muscles? Get a massage. You need to take care of yourself even if it's just in little ways," Murad told Total Beauty.


    If you suffer from stress and pesky beauty issues, perhaps you can check out what else Total Beauty has to say about what will happen to your face during tense times. Check out Is Stress Making You Ugly? and their wrap-up as well.


    Do you notice anything about your skin, hair, and nails when you are stressed POLA White Shot?

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